Nature Does Not Breed Beauty.

It breeds Warning signs.

All costumed in color, cloaked in dazzling, laced with neon,

Means to say,

“I have taken evil in,

And will dispense it as it as pleases me”.

Says, I made it something Alkaloid.

Says, my fragility is only as soft as you are willing not to taste it,

Try and bring your tongue to rainbow skin,

To look like me.

Try to copy,

Try to tame my pigments.

Forgetting, Imitation is the highest form of discrepancy,

Goldenrod and toxic emerald melanin

To hide behind wet-curtain mimicry,

You learned before what refraction stings-like,

Stings-like pretty needles,

Stings-like livid fangs,

Stings-like lustrous barbs,

Don’t make me remind you.

I did it once already.

The memory should be enough.

Should burn.

Should let you know that things that look like me,

Won’t go in your mouth so easy.

We’ll make your tongue understand regret.

We’ll make your arms hesitant,

So that when they reach for something that glows,

You’ll think that second time before you touch it.

Man-Made Muscle memory,

Washed in something orange,

In something silver,

In something purple,

In every word that doesn’t rhyme with the words,

You think describe me.

Like red wine,

And white flowers,

And yellow lights,

And grey lipstick.

I am the absence of fluorescence,

And the presence of a void.

I am something grizzly,

Dressed in something gossamer,

And when the wind blows up the lip of cotton skirts

And you try to catch eyes on something

You know they don’t deserve,

I’ll taste bitter.

And foul.

And every sensitive lull you kept on reserve,

I’ll be every common feeling you don’t have the vocabulary for.

Make you sick,

And soaked in lye,


Brimming with bacteria,


And the next time you see something that makes your eyes and heart pulse,

You’ll remember what I’m capable of.


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