Abhorring Discovery of the Day.

Are y’all ready for this?

Like, are you really ready for this?

Like, Honestly, are you absolutely sure you’re ready for this?

Because this might be the new worst thing I’ve ever heard of.

The worst.

Worse than KFC coleslaw? Worse than KFC coleslaw.

I am an avid reader of online content; blogs, news articles, and opinion pieces especially. I find that while writing based on current events and factual information provides the baseline from which to define our points of view, its the more personalized editorials that add color to the image we begin to form. Bias has always been something I find fascinating; as I’ve mentioned before in my post entitled Moral Absolutism, nobody thinks their the bad guy, so living in an era where(if you seek it out) you can hear both sides of an issue is invaluable in forming your own opinions. While I still find myself generally adhering to whatever way of thinking I went into an article with, being able to read what those who oppose us write to other members of their movement is a great way to help see what parts of our own ideals might need armoring. It is in this vein that while I think organizations InfoWars and Breitbart are doing literally nothing but spreading ignorance and hate, at least being aware of what they’re saying can be powerful asset in helping us be aware of what kind of specific ignorance and hate is being spread.

That is the face of a man who has not entirely ruled out murder as a solution to any problem, big or small.

Reading on both sides of the aisle rarely leads you to finding overlapping ideology. Yes, sometimes you find snippets of a speech some senator made encouraging everyone to practice healthier debate, or a congressman asking for less radicalized political parties, but for the most part, its just so many counterpoints compiled on top of so many other counterpoints, that its easy to get discouraged and begin thinking that our two party system has resulted in an unbridgeable gap. Then a gem comes along that reminds you we’re all human.

A venn-diagram of what America’s two political parties have in common.

I WISH I had saved the article when I found, but I was on a lunch break and lost it, and to my everlasting shame have been unable to find it since. Looking over its comments and seeing people who had re-posted it, I found that the focal point of this article was uniting in how easy it was to hate. That its substance was so utterly vile that I would be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the movement it detailed, who would be remotely in support of it. Democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, east coast elite or Appalachian hill-folk, those described within truly are despicable in a such a visceral and obvious way that declaring a loathing for them is a necessity as a human, regardless of affiliation in any arena.

Great Googly-Fucking-Moogly.

That’s right. NAZI FURRIES. Nazi-fucking-Furries. Neither I, nor anybody else I’ve ever met, has ever been more ready TO ABSOLUTELY KNOCK SOMEBODY THE FUCK OUT.

If we ever solve America’s problems, it will be through gathering our entire population in universal hate for the new posterchildren of all that is bad.


One Comment Add yours

  1. rickeydobbs says:

    (1) Great googly-fucking-moogly indeed. Truer words have never been spoken.
    (2) I really think furry Nazis need to wear some sort of badge, maybe like an arm band or a star, so the rest of us can know that even though this just seems like an anthropomorphic lion walking up, it’s a lion who viscerally hates minorities and wants to set up an authoritarian regime, so we don’t accidentally pet it or elect it president or something silly like that.


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