Rituals, you know, that repetitive stuff.

So I’m fairly new to Bloggery. I’m unfamiliar with it is as a concept, like what’s supposed to be here? Do I keep things light and airy, or are we supposed to be getting personal? Really it’s anyone’s game, so I figure I’m gonna play things first date style, and just keep throwing junk at the wall until something sticks. So without further adieu, lets talk about rituals.

Having been abroad for the better part of the past year(I’m from Boston, currently residing in Hunua, New Zealand), I’ve been thinking about the minutiae that make life familiar. When I first arrived over seas, there was this period of difficulty, where I had built up this cross-planet move, and expected everything to dramatically change when I arrived. I thought, “I’m going to be literally as far away from home as I can be, surely my day-to-day is going to be altered in immense and unfathomable ways”.

When that didn’t happen I got into a bit of a funk. It was like, damn, turns out I’m still Spencer, even on the other side of the globe. Life is still life regardless of your hemisphere. Maybe if I had been here on a vacation instead of long term move things would have been different, I mean that’s the point of vacation right? To break from your norms? Regardless I found that who I was, remained the same, and that my routines of work, socialize, eat, repeat, etc… stayed the same. Sure they morphed a little bit, changed shape, went from pubs to beaches, apartments to patios, but what I was doing was, in it’s most basic form, the same.

I figure this can get looked at from a few angles, and while there are positives and negatives to routine, ever the optimist I am, I figure the fun-stuff is where we should stay focused. Rituals aren’t gonna just be activities. Their idiosyncrasies, even for those of with no day-to-day structure(Who are like, what, Bounty Hunters? Zookeepers? Bear Grylls?) we form these habits, small things that bring us comfort,and help define not just who we are, but how we maneuver the landscapes we find ourselves in. EVERYBODY’S got this shit. Everybody. No exceptions. You do, she does, he does, they do, we all got it. And it ain’t all pretty. Those annoying laughs? Ritual. People who say/do something weird after they sneeze? Ritual. Watching youtube make-up tutorials to help you fall asleep? Just me, but still, RITUAL.

It’s basic shit, but I figure better to roll with it than fight the current. These little things, if focused on, placed beneath the microscope, can be glaringly painful. For me it was in the form of, if everyday is a different hand drawn from the same deck, will anything ever feel different, feel better? That is not a whole you wanna go down. But a little examination also lets look at establishing new routines, fresh daily traditions, as well as scrap old ones, when they stop serving a purpose.


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