The Best Prank I Ever Pulled.

Honestly, it might not have even been that funny.

Gendered Community

So I had the most wonderful conversation with my friend Liza last night, it was thought provoking, challenging, creative, abstract, the whole shebang. The best part about it, as I find with all great chats, is how much what we discussed stayed with me long after we had gone our separate ways. These were notions…

Wait a minute

POTUS in the streets,
sexist vulgarian in the sheets.


So here’s something I’ve been wondering about: Am I good at stuff? Now I know this seems like a¬†pretty basic question. I’m sure we’ve all wondered how good we actually are at non-quantifiable endeavors. There are things that can be objectively measured; if your an electrician and my house doesn’t have any power issues, I…